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Jai Maa Kaali - Kali is the blackness of infinite space

Kali is the blackness of infinite space, the depth of infinite knowledge, the beingness of infinite time.

2016-08-16 22:01:08

Hare Krishna Hip-Hop Dance Breaking internet

These are in vrindavan krishna's devotees.... Their dance in front of dharmesh sir so do all the hip-hop dancer also failed. ये हैं वृंदावन में भगवान कृष्ण के भक्त.... इनके डांस के आगे धर्मेश सर तो क्या सारे हिप-हॉप डांसर भी फेल हैं

2016-07-27 22:03:04

Shirdi Sai Baba Chamatkar: Don’t Ignore It! It WORKS!

Couple of minutes back, I got a mail from an obscure email address. It contained only the accompanying picture. I opened it for some time and it said – post it on your web journal. Beneath the photograph, it said, any individual who shares this photograph will get a shock blessing inside 15 minutes. I sent it to at 5 companions from my contact list and held up.

2016-07-02 02:51:59

Is Lord Hanuman Ji still alive? Some live facts about Hanumaan Ji

Hindu’s deity, Lord Hanuman has been considered as an ideal of force, power, energy, wisdom, service and devotion by the people following Hindu religion. Claimed to be one of the oldest religions on this earth, Hinduism has been being one of the most scientific of all.

2016-06-28 01:50:07

Govardhan Puja

Govardhan Puja is celebrated as the day when Lord Krishna defeated Indra by lifting the Govardhan mountain. Most of the time it falls next day after Diwali Puja.

2016-06-13 04:02:07

A legendary place- The Shani Shingnapur

With the Advancement of technology and the growth of the economy, the divide between the rich and the poor widened up after the independence of our great nation – India. As this divide kept on increasing, the crime rate across the country kept increasing exponentially.

2016-06-13 03:29:36

HINDU MYTHOLOGYPUJA Why do we worship Tulsi Plant?

It is said that when it comes to importance of worshipping and paying repects to gods and Hindu Deities, Tulsi plant comes first. Especially, Lord Vishnu and his incarnations are prayed forth following the worship of Tulsi. The virtue of Tulsi leaf is such that, it can be washed and recycled in the puja – as the leaf is self purifying.

2016-06-13 03:27:58

Yoga and its relation with Bhagavad Gita

According to the ancient text, the various means by which one practiced Yoga was directly correlated with the Aims of those very practices. Yoga taught humans that they don’t need to worry about time, or what it can do for them but how to live in the present moment by practicing Yoga.

2016-06-13 03:25:08

Why does Groom and Bride take “Saat Phere” during a Hindu wedding?

The Saptapadi, the Sanskrit word that means seven steps/feet, is the most important ritual of a hindu wedding and represents the legal part of the marriage. During the ceremony, the couple enchant their vows to each other and take rounds of the Holy Fire, which is considered as taking vows in front of the Fire God (Agni Dev) as the witness.

2016-06-13 03:23:11

The relationship of Shiva and Nandi

The ascetic, was always focused about his meditation and had stayed away from worldly affairs. During the time of the churning of the ocean of the universe, the samudra manthan poison came out of the sea which threatened the sustenance of life on all the planets that bared life forms...

2016-06-13 03:21:06