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Sant Shri Morari Bapu Ji

Sant Shri Morari Bapu Ji
  • DOB 25 September 1946
  • Link http://www.moraribapu.org
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  • Updated November 01, 2013

India is a land of rich ancient culture and tradition. India has the deepest Spiritual Philosophy with many saints; sages born on this holy land and have enlighten us with their invaluable knowledge of life & the ultimate truth. Among the various Sant Mahatmas who have made the land of India pure and devotional is Sant Morari Bapuji. Morari Bapu is not only a preacher a kathakar but a Holy man who by his words his knowledge his wisdom has brighten and enlighten many to the path of truth satya. Morari Bapu transforms the virtues within to come out and make life peaceful and heart happy.


Morari Bapu is renowned exponent of the Ramchritmanas  and has been reciting Ram katha for over fifty years throughout the world. The overall ethos of his katha is universe peace and spreading the massage of truth, love and compassation. He is a popular KATHAKAR who has been giving a day long sermons in on a cruise ship in the Meditation  sea and also on airplane travelling the world, in the Vatican city to foothills of Mount Kailas in Tibet/ China since his first katha  in 1960.
Morari Bapu, complete name Morari Dass Parbhudass Hariyani was born on 25th September 1946 on auspicious day of Shivratri  in village TALGAJARDA near Mahuva Gujrat  to Parbhudass and Savitri Ben in a family of six brothers and two sisters. His grandfather  Tribhuwan Dass ji used to make young Morari memorize five verses of the Ramcaritmanas  each day on his way to school and back.
Morari complete secondary school and started a teacher training course in Mhuva  and became teacher. During his ten years as a teacher, he took time off to listen  to prominent speakers among them Vinoba Bhave, Dongre ji maharaj, Punit Maharaj and Krishna Murti. Teacher Morari Dass did Ramkatha rciteles side by side,
Major works
Morari Bapu recalls the birthplace of his recital where he made small plate farm out of mud and placed a portrait of Lord Ram and began to decipher to a few herdsman who had come to quench their thrust about Ramkatha in the evening. The shrine today is commemorated in TALGAJARDA with temple of Hanuman ji Maharaj and named RAMVADI. To date he completed more than nine hundred kathas, most of them on the Ramcharitmanas of Tulsidass and other such works about Ram as well as Gopi Geet  which has Gopi’s of Varindavan singing of the glories of Krisna in Krishna’s separation. As well as doing  Ram kathas Bapu has devoted much of his energy in bringing together communities, religion sects in advocating peace and harmony in India and globally as well.
Current activities
Morari Bapu is the chief guest at the annual Yaade-e-Hind every year a programmed held by Muslim community in Mahuva. He also organizes marriage ceremonies for Hindu and Muslim girls who are not able to pay for their wedding. He also participates in kathas and other functions that are held by Dalit and Devi pujak’s in the area. He has contributed generously to provide aid where ever possible. Bapu has organized several literary and cultural programmed, conferences on world religions and advocated for continuous dialogue for establishing inter faith harmony.
Morari Bapu quotes
Everyday spend a few moments giving thought and time to GOD, to nature, your Satguru Saint, your scripture and finally your own self.
Sacrifices of the twenty first century should be with compassion.
A devotee is always wise, he is never deluded
Happily enduring all the hardship in life is Tap (Tapsya)

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