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The Vedic scriptures state that spiritual life begins when one inquires into the nature of the absolute truth, the Supreme Godhead. Gaudiya Vaisnavas are monotheists and know the personality of Godhead as Krishna, the All-attractive. But it is also recognised that the Supreme has unlimited names such as Rama, Buddha, Vishnu, Jehovah, Allah, etc. The ultimate goal of Gaudiya Vaisnavism is to develop a loving relationship with the Supreme Godhead.The Vedas also tell us that the understanding of the self, as being non-material or spiritual by nature, is the preliminary stage of realisation of the absolute truth. To understand knowledge of self-realisation one must approach a genuine spiritual master, just as one learns the essence of any subject from a perfected practitioner. The congregational chanting of the maha-mantra, Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare, as promoted by Sri Caitanya, is accepted by the Vedas as the most effective means of self-purification in this age. The Vedas describe the mantra as a prayer to the Lord, \"Please Lord, engage me in Your service.

ISKCONE known as the Hare Krishna movement founded by Swami Prabhupada in New York City in 1966. It belongs to the Gaudiya-Vaishanava Sampradaya within Hindu culture.Swamy Prabhupada presented India’s Vaishnava culture in a relevant manner to contemporary Westron and worldwide audiences. Members of ISKCON practice bhakti yoga in their homes and also worship in temples. They also promote Krishna consciousness, through festivals, the performing arts, yoga seminars, public chanting, and the distribution of the society literatures. ISKCONE members have also opened hospitals, schools, college’s eco-villages, free food distribution projects and other institutions as a practical application of the path of devotional yoga.
Born Abahay Charan De in Calcutta, he was educated at the prestigious local Scottish Church College. Before adopting the life of a pious renouncing, he was married with children and owned a small pharmaceutical business.
As the founder of ISKCON, he emerged as a major figure of the western counterculture, initiating thousands of young Americans. Over the following years his continuing leadership role took him around the world. In the twelve years from his arrival in New York until his final days, he circled the globe fourteen times on lecture tours that took him to six continents, initiated many disciples, awarding sanyasi itiations. Introduced Vedic gurukul education to a western audience and founded Bhaktivedanta book trust. Founded the religious colony NEW VRINDAVAN in West Virginia. He authored more than eighty books on Vedanta philosophy, religion, literature and culture. He watched ISKCON grow to to a confederation of more than 108 temples, various institutions and farm communities. He followed and communicated the teachings of Chaitanya Mahaparabhu and introduced bhakti yoga to an international audience.
Beginning of his public preaching mission in India, he was eager to see the progress at Mayapur  and Varindavan  with large temples and introduce  a chain of gurukul in various part of India. In 1996, the Government of India recognizes his accomplishments  by issuing a commemorative stamp in his honor as a part of Parbhupada  centennial celebrations. He died on 14 November 1977 in Vrindavan, his burial remains in Krishan Balram Mandir. A number of memorial Samadhi or shrines to Bhaktivedant Swami were constructed by the member of ISKCON in his remembrance.
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