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Brahma Kumaris

Brahma Kumaris
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Pitashri Prajapita Brahma was the founding father of the Brahmakumaris.He became the instrument of Almighty God for the establishment of the institution in 1936. Prior to the establishment of the institution, he was well known as Dada Lekhraj.With the establishment of the institution Prajapita Brahmakumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Dada Lekhraj was called Pitashri Prajapita Brahma, the father of humanity and people called him Brahma Baba. Pitashri Brahma followed the directions of God at every step of his life. He always had good wishes for everyone and carefully guided many to their predestined aim. MATESHWARI SARASWATI was the first administrative head of Brahma Kumaris. She came into the fold during the early period of its inception. She was able to digest Godly Knowledge, revise and churn it very accurately and stood out from the rest. She had a very sharp intellect, which she mobilised in the service of God. Her original name was Radhe. She came to be known as Om Radhe.

Brahma Kowaris is a worldwide spiritual movement dedicated to personnel transformation and world renewal. Founded in 1937, Brahma Kowaris has spread over 110 countries on all continents. It supports the cultivation of a deep collective consciousness of peace and of the individual dignity of each soul.
Early years
The Brahma Kowaris, originally called OM MANDLEE, started in Hyderabad Sind(now in Pakistan) in north west India. The founder, Dada Lekhraj  Khubchand Kriplani  (OM BABA) was a wealthy jeweler. He reported what he said were a series of  visions and there was a greater power working through him and the majority of those who came were women and children from the Bhaidund  cast, whose husbands and father were often overseas on business attended the gatherings.
After three years of meetings it become clear the Om Mandli was given special importance to the role of women and was not adhering  to the rigid cast system and allow any cast to attend the meetings. The group also advocated that young women had the right to elect not to marry and that married women had the right to choose a celibate  life. This caused considerable upheaval  in the community and Om Mandlee decided to leave Hydrabad and gradually relocated it’s activities to Karachi in 1938. Om Mandlee continued to hold their satsangs  but a tribunal appointed by the government impose ban, declaring Om Mandlee an unlawful association.
In May 1950,Om Mandlee move to Mount Abu in Rajasthan India. From the begging, the organization’s focus had been on education, not worship. It renamed itself as Brahma Kowaris world Spiritual University and began international expansion programmed. In 1980, the Brahma Kowaris became affiliated to the united nations and achieved consultative status with economic and social council and organization has a permanent office space in New York for their work with united nations. The leadership and membership of the Brahma Kowaris movement remains primarily for female. Estimates for the worldwide membership ranges from 35000 in 1993 to four lacs in 1998 to 4.5 lacs in 2000.

Forgive and forget not revenge and regret
Life is best school, hardship is our best teacher, problem is the best assignment and failure is the best revision.
Frequent repetition of same type of thoughts creates your beliefs and attitudes. What you believe comes true for you.
The happiest people don’t have the best of everything,

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