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Pujya Sudhanshu Ji

Pujya Sudhanshu Ji
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  • Updated November 01, 2013

Sudhanshu ji maharaj

Shri Sudhanshu ji Maharaj is a traditional Guru in the modern times. He is a soft spoken teacher and known for his simple teachings which are inspired by all religions of this world. He is founder of Vishwa Jagriti Mission.
Sudhanshu  ji born as yaspal in Hripur village in Saharanpur district in Uttar Pradesh, India. He starts his primary education from a local school and secondary education completed from gurukul and university. He learns a lessons of life from a professor of philosophy Shri Nand Kishore and a saint named Parkashanand  ji  in Haridwar. After completing his university education, he set out on a journey to explore India and continued to practice meditation under the guidance of Swami Muktanand  ji Maharaja ns established the Vishawa  Jagriti Mission on Ramnavmi   day 24 th March 1991. He entered into family life by getting married to Richa Devi and blessed with two daughters, Archika and Ritambhra.
Vishwa Jagrity  Mission became a huge organization, which has more than 80 branches, 22 old age homes  and three charitable hospitals throughout the world. He has over 10 million devotees with three million disciples in the world. Vishwa Jagriti Mission’s initiatives are Bal Kalyan,Gaushala,health  care, Vridh ashrams and Women empowerment.
Sudhanshu ji  Maharaj became popular in common  mass because of his attractive personality, sweet smiles, helpful nature and above all his extra ordinary style of expressing his views in audience. The sermons and bhajans by him in sweet voice have an everlasting effect on the audience.

“Devotion, meditation, love, affection and knowledge are the paths which lead to the door of God. Choose any  one of them and remain under the shadow of the Guru. He is the one who can show the correct path. Do not look for the support of others. Look for the support of your inner thought. You have been given that energy which make you stronger.”
“Practice simplicity even though you achieved heights in your life.”
“Life is not for ever but how ever and whatever  it is, commit to make it noteworthy”
Always speak favorable language. Do not use abusive language even as a joke.
Energize yourself, find a quite place to sit alone in silence everyday and connect with the universal power that energize the universe and all creation.


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